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What Is Luna 2.0 And When Will It Be Released

The victory of the Terra Luna vote, a new Terra Luna token named Luna 2.0 is due to emerge, but what exactly is it? Do Kwon and the Terra team set in place a Luna recovery strategy as Luna attempts to recover from the huge Luna coin meltdown. The existing Terra blockchain will be split…

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What is UFO Gaming Coin and what is the Future of UFO Coin

UFO Gaming is a completely decentralised gaming network that brings traditional games to the blockchain while also allowing players to earn money while playing and create new blockchain gaming features. Each game will have its own ruling ecosystem, with the platform’s goal being to conduct virtual land auctions where players may trade a piece of…

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How to make an NFT and sell it

Many artists and designers are looking into how to produce and sell NFTs as a potential new source of income. However, NFTs can be used to safeguard ownership of digital goods, provide access to new communities, and even be used to register ownership of real-world items. Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a fancy way of…

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Coins to Buy in 2022, According to Metaverse

The term “metaverse” appears to be all over the news, social media, and even the dinner table. Despite the fact that the technology is still in its early stages, it is attracting the interest of IT and crypto investors. Metaverse coins, as a result, provide an unexplored opportunity for 2022. It also helps that Facebook,…

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What is Cloud Mining and How Does It Work

Over the last decade, an increasing number of people have gotten interested in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. They want to join the cause, but they may not want to simply purchase Bitcoin. Furthermore, they may not like to follow in the footsteps of a regular crypto miner and purchase their own mining hardware. Instead, they…