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  • May 20, 2022
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Many artists and designers are looking into how to produce and sell NFTs as a potential new source of income. However, NFTs can be used to safeguard ownership of digital goods, provide access to new communities, and even be used to register ownership of real-world items.

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are a fancy way of expressing non-replaceable or unique. They make digital goods scarce and rare, hence increasing their value. On a blockchain, an NFT signifies ownership of a specific file or item, such as artwork, films, in-game assets, and even real estate.

That’s why we created a step-by-step guide for making and selling NFTS.

metamask wallet

Minting is the procedure for generating an NFT. You may mint your own NFT on many NFT exchanges.

OpenSea is the world’s largest peer-to-peer NFT trading marketplace. Additionally, there is no review process; you can upload and sell your work right away. That is why we advocate starting your crypto art career on our platform.

Here are step-by-step instructions for making an NFT:

1. Get your digital file ready:

You may make an NFT out of anything, including digital artwork, 3D models, video art, and music. The first step is to save your artwork as a digital file. If you wish to produce an NFT for physical work, you’ll need to scan it first.

Then you can make your NFT by following the procedures below.

2. Install MetaMask:

To begin, you’ll need a crypto wallet that works with the Ethereum blockchain, as most NFTs are created on it. You can purchase, sell, store, and exchange crypto assets with a crypto wallet. OpenSea allows all major Ethereum wallets, however MetaMask is the most popular. It is highly recommended that you install it on your browser.

To get MetaMask for your browser, go to the MetaMask download page and follow the instructions.

3. Put money in your wallet:

Fees are required for every transaction on the Ethereum network. To offset the fees of minting and listing, you must fund your wallet with Ethereum.

4. Register your wallet with OpenSea:

Go to the OpenSea homepage, click the “Wallet” button in the upper right corner, and select MetaMask from the selections. To complete the process, follow the steps on your wallet.

5. Create your NFT:

opensea website

Click the “Create” button in the upper right corner of the OpenSea homepage.

Upload your file and give your NFT creation a name.

Describe your work and, if desired, include an external link.

Every time a secondary sale occurs, your NFTs generate fresh royalty earnings. Royalty payouts are usually valued between 5% and 10% by the creators. Choose a royalty value and click “Complete,” and your NFT will be created.

How do I make an Opensea NFT?

It’s simple to sell your crypto art on OpenSea. Take into consideration the listing fees. They can be quite high depending on how busy the Ethereum network is. As a result, you may want to postpone the listing until the fees are lower.

There are two ways to sell your crypto art NFT on OpenSea.

1- Fixed Price:

You can specify a fixed price for your NFT with this option. You can optionally specify the duration of the NFT listing. When someone buys your NFT, the selling amount is transmitted to your wallet after the 2.5 percent OpenSea fee is deducted.

2- Time auction:

Buyers can make offers for NFTs on OpenSea at any time. You have the option of selecting the highest bidder if you select this option. You can also set a reserve price, which is a minimum sale price. Time auctions are ideal for rare artworks with limited editions, as they attract a large number of bidders.

It’s also possible that a buyer bid on a fixed-price NFT you posted. This happens when they wish to pay less for your work than you have listed. If you believe the bid is reasonable, you may accept it. Keep in mind, however, that the majority of bids are placed by bots. Take caution not to accept an offer that is too cheap.

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